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  Dave Antedomenico

  Officer Antedomenico is the President/Director of NERLEEA, and the President/Director   
   of the Cadet Academy. He is a sworn officer in the Danbury Police Department.


  Nikki Mordasiewicz

  Sergeant Mordasiewicz is the Vice President/Assistant Director of NERLEEA,  She is a 
  Sergeant in the Hartford Police Department.

  Matt McNally

  Lieutenant McNally is a member of NERLEEA.  He is a Lieutenant in the Danbury Police

 Greg Gunter

  Sergeant Gunter is a member of NERLEEA. He is a Sergeant at Fairfield Police

 Gabe Meszaros

  Sergeant Meszaros is a member of NERLEEA. He is an Sergeant at Bridgeport Police

 Steve Sordi

   Trooper First Class Sordi  is the Treasurer of NERLEEA. 


 Sandy Quinonez

   Officer Quinonez  is the Secretary of NERLEEA. She is an Officer for the Bridgeport Police

  Tim Fedor

   Officer Fedor  is the past President of NERLEEA. He is an Officer for the Trumbull Police

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